Lift Not the Painted Veil (2022)

Remembering can be a violent act. One that can tear at oneself and through such action, create space for unrealities to emerge. ‘Lift Not the Painted Veil’ (2021) is an introspective study of grief, seeking to reveal the physicality of trauma. Through engaging with family heirlooms, the wounds embedded in landscape and humankind's imprint on the environment, the artist creates imagery that explores notions of memory, time, growth, and decay. Through the ground glass of the Camera apparatus, the work imparts value on the inherent balance between order and chaos, as a way of challenging the illusions which emerged from the artist’s personal experience with loss. Implementing analogue processes, the mechanical exposure to light, the chemical creation of images and the physical nature of printed matter, the artist questions his desire to fix experience before memory drifts into uncertainty.

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